#LoveLocal (Tip 1)

Want your potential customers to #LoveLocal? You should, too.

Participating in your community online is a great way to increase citations and build your reputation for search engines. It’s also a great way to spread the word about your business in all the right places. Let the community know that you’re a local, trustworthy expert in your field.

One great way to get involved locally is through a small business community like Townsquared. Small business owners can use the platform to interact with other busy small business owners, get the local information and recommendations for services and products, and even find ways to partner up with other local businesses.

This kind of networking can really pay off. “Seventy percent of entrepreneurs say they purchase and source goods and services from other small businesses,” according to research from American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor. “Almost all (96%) small businesses are committed to supporting their local communities through different activities, such as donating to local causes (70%) and participating in community projects (49%).” An overwhelming number of small business owners shop at other local, independently-owned businesses for non-business purchases.